The Ranmin Resort | Dampe
The Ranmin Resort | Dampe
The Ranmin Resort | Dampe
Rooms and Suites
Across the pool are six exquisitely designed chalets that entice our guests with queen sized beds fitted with soft, cosy mattresses and pillows which envelope you in a peaceful and dreamless slumber. The attached bathroom built to suit your taste includes modern fittings and a glass roof that lets in natural light. Feel the warmdrops of water as you step into the shower and begin a blissful journey that takes away your stress and soothes you. Adding to this pleasing aura are the elegantly designed exquisite pieces of antique furniture which offer comfort and lends a regal aura to the chalets.

Room Amenities
  • Peaceful sleep on queen sized beds with cosy mattresses and pillows
  • Refreshing hot water shower
  • 24 hour entertainment with Cable TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals
  • Services of a cook available for an extra charge.
  • Air conditioning
Contact Dampe Resort for more information regarding the rates for the hall and cabanas.
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