The Ranmin Resort | Dampe
Host your next private event
Organise your next private celebration in our large hall such as weddings, corporate functions, and conferences. The resort is built exclusively for a private function so that you won’t have to worry about outside distractions.

In addition, you’ll find that the neatly tended lawn surrounding Dampe Resort is the perfect setting for an outdoor event or a photo shoot. So feel free to ask our staff about this facility.

How many people can I host?
You can easily accommodate up to 150 guests in the hall and 300 guests on the lawn.

Is there parking space?
The ‘cherry on the cake’ for this package is that you won’t have to worry about parking for your guests as their is a separate place with ample parking space for approximately 100 cars.

Unwind in our pool
Dip into the cool waters of our luxurious pool that is both relaxing and safe. Once you are in, you just have to unwind and relax and feel the heat and tiredness steal away. Be ready to play some pool games with your loved ones and make this an exciting time.

Take a walk in our spacious garden
Step outside the chalet and take in the lush greenery of the resort which spills into its every nook and corner. The vibrant mix of green and brown of the trees adds a soothing touch to its surroundings while creating a breath of fresh air for our guests. So grab a chair or mat and sit on the perfectly manicured lawn while enjoying a quiet evening chat with your loved one.

Standby generator
Our resort is equipped to handle power cuts with our standby generator so that you can have a stress free evening enjoying the company of your loved ones without having to worry about a black out.

Explore our mini zoo
Towards the corner of the resort, next to the pool is a small enclosure that is home to a few birds. Enjoy the antics of nature and watch them bring a smile to your face!

Resort Amenities in a nutshell
  • 24 hour security and secure surroundings
  • Hall with/without seating available for private functions
  • Large grounds
  • Large swimming pool
  • 24 hour service of a caretaker/ steward
  • Parking space for approximately 100 cars available
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